Church Committee

Church Council

Bala United Church Council oversees and gives leadership to matters that affect the well being of our church. We are open to explore new ideas both temporal and spiritual to encourage new growth in our church. Council meets as required.

Council Members:
Rev. Sue Woods, Minister/Interim Chair
Bill Niess, Past Chair/M&P(Chair)/Treasurer
Marilyn Niess, Secretary
Mary Patterson, Secretary
Kate Ruttan, M&P/Property (Chair)/Trustee
Ian Croft, Treasurer/Trustee
Jean Cameron , Gift Shop/Trustee
Eva Moore, UCW
Beth Croft, Mission & Service/Fellowship
Diane Davidson, Affirming/M&P
Doug Crichton, Affirming
Barbara MacIntosh, Member At Large

Board of Trustees

Rev. Sue Woods, Minister
Ian Croft(Chair)
Jean Cameron
Mike Ferguson

Affirming Committee

Committee Members:
Brenda Glass (Chair)
Rev. Sue Woods (Minister)
Sandi Albon
Doug Crichton
Beth Croft
Ted Daglish
Diane Davidson
Lois Miller
Carol Mitchell
Enid Powell

Ministry and Personnel Committee

The role of the Ministry & Personnel Committee is to oversee and, occasionally, mediate relationships between worship leaders (minister, children’s leaders and music director), the council, and the congregation. In addition, our committee conducts annual reviews of goals and outcomes with all personnel, and assists with coordination of vacation planning for staff.

We meet at least a minimum of four times per year, as required by The United Church of Canada.

Committee Members:
Bill Niess (Chair)
Sydney Clark
Ted Daglish
Diane Davidson
Ed Ranft
Kate Ruttan

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