Our “Little Church by the Falls” is next to Margaret Burgess Park.  The first church on the property was built on land donated by Mr. Thomas Burgess and was constructed by volunteers. It was incomplete but gradually finished by 1903. In 1934 the original building burned down and, with the assistance of many volunteers it was replaced the same year. The Sanctuary you enter today is the original 1934 building that will take you into the past with its dark paneling and beautiful décor that will accommodate 150 people.  A sunshine yellow wall displays our affirming certificates.  There is space just as you enter with a comfortable chair, table and books.

Jackson HallBala United

The Christian Education Wing (alternately called the Jackson wing) was added in 1959 and provides a space for dinners, meetings and receptions.  In the winter it is also our meeting space for services since many of our congregation are summer residents or snowbirds.  The large fully equipped kitchen has a gas stove, four sinks, a refrigerator and an industrial dishwasher.  The room can accommodate 89 people.  Adjacent to the kitchen are two unisex bathrooms.

A smaller space on the lower level is also available for meetings and contains an accessible bathroom.Bala United Church

Audio Visual System

Our facility is equipped with a fully wired sound system, fixed microphones and hand-held mics for mobility.  We have a Smart TV on a stand that can be moved to various locations including the Sanctuary and the C.E. Wing.  We also have Wi-Fi to allow us to access the internet if required.

Parking and Accessibility

Bala United Church Sanctuary is wheelchair accessible facility.  Parking is available at the front of the church or directly across the street.  Find Us immediately west of Margaret Burgess Park at 3115 Muskoka Road 169, in Bala, Ontario, P0C1A0.

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